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BPC Vessel Forms

Office – Fleet collaboration on dynamic forms and processes

BPC Vessel Forms is an end-to-end solution, designed to provide a form automation infrastructure as well as a document synchronization mechanism between the office and the fleet.
Main benefits include:

  • Modern User Experience
  • Simple IT infrastructure
  • Adapts to business needs
  • Open Data platform
  • Used by Industry Leaders

Vessel Forms can be used for handling all kinds of maritime forms (Speed, Detention and Deviation statements, Bunkering forms, Bridge forms, ISM related forms etc.).
Main product features:

  • Centralized form handling
  • Validation and Data Quality logic
  • Versioning and Auditing

With Vessel Forms transforming each form’s business process (approvals, assignments, vessel office comment exchange etc.) to a workflow is easier than ever with:

  • Multiple Office & Vessel Roles
  • Notifications
  • Encrypted vessel office communication
  • Action Auditing
Forms Explorer:
Displays submitted and active forms with their process status and enables browsing or searching through the forms based on various criteria.
Operational Dashboard:
An overview screen indicating which forms a vessel has submitted and if additional forms are missing (Form scheduling Matrix).
Workflow Engine:
Used to model each form’s business process. It supports configurable Visibility and ownership between the office and the vessel.
Form Designer:
A WYSIWYG graphical form designer that facilitates design and development of forms to be used by the system.
Documents & e-SMS

Vessel Forms can replicate a complete document structure (Manuals, Operational Bulletins, Safety Documentation etc.) from the office to the vessels. The source can be either a file server or a SharePoint library structure. Documents are synced to the vessels conditionally based on parameters (such as the vessel class or type) and are searchable through their properties but also through the actual content.

SMS documents are transformed to HTML and support:

  • Per section approvals and change proposals
  • Indication of changes from the last version or the last voyage
  • Auditing

Vessel Forms has several modules covering some of the most critical maritime processes like:

  • Outstanding Management
  • MRV
  • UDE
  • Crew evaluation
  • Noon Reports

With the e-SMS module, you can now control changes per paragraph and per section including, approvals, feedback, change proposals, vessel sync. You can also get indication of changes from the last version and/or since last voyage.

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